antigua motorcycle tours

Whether on a short tour around Antigua, a day-trip to Lake Atitlan or an extended ride to the ancient ruins of Tikal, cruising Guatemala‘s twisty country roads on a Royal Enfield is like traveling into the past. It evokes the days when time didn't matter, when the pace was easy and the journey was the destination.

The steady thump of the Bullet Classic 500 is Zen for body and soul. It reveals a thousand hidden details and unknown sensations as the road winds into the Mayan highlands or the tropical Pacific coast. Experiencing Guatemala off the beaten track will reward you with vistas the average traveler will never even know about.

Ride with us to the following destinations

Antigua and the surrounding hills, Volcano Tour.

Lake Atitlán, Chichicastenango, the Pacific Coast.

The Western Highlands, Lake Izabal, Tikal, Copán Ruinas in Honduras, the Pacific coast of El Salvador.

Or combine any of these destinations for a unique and unforgettable journey on two wheels. We'll be happy to customize your Guatemalan adventure.


Please note: Our tour service is available in Mayan Crossroads Multilingual Service



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