royal enfield antigua guatemalaGranted, we could have gone conventional and offer our motorcycle tours on ordinary modern motorcycles. But that would have done no justice to the nature of our tours and this extraordinary country. Guatemala has to be experienced with relish, you have to soak in that enchanting scenery and the mild climate in all its countless shades. Stylish and relaxed cruising is what Mayan Crossroads is all about and we've got the perfect motorcycle that turns any journey into a Zen experience: The Royal Enfield Bullet 500.

The timeless design, the torquey engine, a low and comfortable sprung seat and the nimble handling made the Royal Enfield the ride of our choice. Battle Green, of course. In this color, this British neo-classic blends in seamlessly with the lush landscape of the Guatemalan countryside and underlines the nostalgic, mildly adventurous character of Mayan Crossroads.

It's a piece of motorcycle history tht makes one instantly feel at ease, regardless of size or gender. Although its design goes way back to the post WWII era, modern features like a fuel injection and front disc brakes project the Bullet 500 into the 21st Century. As a bonus, a catalytic converter and a remarkable fuel efficiency make every tour a pleasure without remorse.



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