mayan crossroads faq

Do I need a visa for Guatemala?
North American and European Citizens usually do not need a visa for Guatemala. The residence permit is 90 days in most cases.

What other documents do I need?
You will need an international driving license for motorcycles, a certificate of your travel insurance and a credit card.

What currency should I bring and where can I change money if necessary?
It's best to take U.S. dollars with you. You can buy Guatemalan Quetzales at the airport and in every bank. Euros are accepted only at the airport and in certain banks. ATMs are widespread and are an efficient way to get cash. Credit cards are widely accepted, especially Visa and MasterCard.

How much cash should I bring?
Ideally, you should never carry more than 1000 GTQ with you (about USD 120). You can pay most of your purchases with your credit card anyway.

What medication should I bring, what vaccinations are required?
Ask your family doctor / tropical specialist and ask for malaria prevention advice. Bring enough of any prescribed medication that you take regularly. A first aid kit is useful (plasters, antiseptic cream, ...). Insect repellent is best bought locally.

Is Guatemala dangerous?
The tourist areas through which we travel are largely safe. With a few simple precautions and common sense, you can reduce the risks to a minimum.

Do I need a personal insurance?
Although we do recommend travel insurance, we don't require one for the duration of the tour.

Is motorcycling dangerous in Guatemala?
Motorcycling bears a certain risk no matter where you are, and that's no different in Guatemala. By choosing mostly low-traffic backroads for our tours, we do our best to make your motorcycle adventure as safe and enjoyable as possible.

What motorcycle gear is recommended in Guatemala?
We recommend light fabric clothing. Helmet, jacket, and gloves are a must. A sweater for cool mornings in some areas is advisable. The same applies for a rain jacket, especially during the rainy season from May to October.

How much riding experience do I need?
The minimum requirement is a valid motorcycle driver's license from your country. The technical level of the tours is not particularly high.

How fit do I have to be?
Not fitter than for a tour at home.

What’s the maximum number of participants on a Mayan Crossroads tour?
The tours are limited to a maximum of 4 motorcycles (driver and passenger). We firmly believe that only in small groups we can provide the kind of individual attention that makes for an unforgettable travel experience for each participant.

What’s the average speed on the tours?
That depends on the situation. The average speed ranges from 35 to 55 mph. On longer and straight stretches on the Panamerican Highway the speedometer we may hit 60 mph. The Royal Enfields are designed for cruising anyway.

How many hours will we be on the road every day?
That depends on the tour but normally between 4 and 6 hours. Our tours consist of a balanced mix of cruising and sightseeing, with enough stops for photos. On multi-day tours the daily schedule provides time for a leisurely breakfast, lunch and possible visits to local attractions. The arrival at the hotel is usually scheduled for 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm. That leaves plenty of time for relaxation before dinner.

Do I have to ride with the guide all the time?
Yes, and we only offer our motorcycles for guided tours.

Can Mayan Crossroads offer other activities for the time before or after the tour?
By all means, there are plenty of things to do and see in Guatemala, from coffee tours to visits of ancient Mayan cities, and everything in between. We’ll be more than happy to show you all available options.




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