Lake Atitlan is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is a stunning natural wonder that has enchanted travelers from all over the globe for centuries.

Surrounded by three towering volcanoes, the shores of Lake Atitlan are home to about a dozen Maya villages that preserve and practice their ancient traditions despite modern influences.

We start at 7:30am. Our tour takes us through Parramos to the famous Panamerican Highway and from there to the alpine village of Tecpan. The ride continues between fir forests and pastures before we take the beautifully winding road to Lake Atitlan. The views from overlooks along the way are breath-taking and there will be enough opportunities to take photos and videos.

Curve after curve you approach Panajachel, the famous hippie stronghold of the seventies and eighties, where you park your Royal Enfield and take well-deserved lunch break.

After a stroll along Panajachel's lake front or Santander market Street you'll be heading back to Antigua. We'll choose our route back depending on the time at our disposal and the skills of our tour members. Arrival at our destination is around 4 in the afternoon.

Please note: The Lake Atitlan Day Tour is also available as an overnight option with many hotels to choose from. Please choose the corresponding option in our booking form and let us know your preferences in the "Remaks" field.

Who is the Lake Atitlan Day Tour for?

We recommend the Lake Atitlan Day Tour for intermediate to experienced riders. They will be covering roughly 260 km (160 miles) in one day. This means approximately 7 highly enjoyable hours in the saddle of the 500cc Royal Enfield. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoy long rides you will absolutely love this one.

Who is the Lake Atitlan Day tour not for?

Beginners will most likely not feel comfortable on such a long ride. For unexperienced motorcyclists, this day trip can easily stretch to 9 or 10 hours and possibly ruin the experience. However, choosing the overnight option makes this trip suitable for any type of rider (see below).

As for riders with a passenger, unless she or he is used to and absolutely loves riding on the rear seat (it's actually pretty comfortable) we do not recommend this day tour.

Who is the Lake Atitlan Overnight Tour for?

The Lake Atitlan Overnight Tour is suitable for beginners and experts alike, as well as for couples on one bike. The distance is covered in two days, which allows plenty of time to get to the destination and results in a more relaxed ride.




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