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Because of its geographical location, beautiful colonial Antigua Guatemala is where we begin and end every Mayan Crossroads Tour. Less than an hour from Antigua, you can enjoy the tropical sun of the Pacific coast or watch local farmers work their fields at more than 6,000 feet above sea level.

We offer half-day trips, day trips and custom tours. But no matter what destination you choose for the day, the ride will always lead you through picturesque landscapes amidst lush and incredibly diverse nature. Before you know it, the panorama changes dramatically and within a few miles the climate presents itself in many shades - from the moderately fresh to the tropically hot. The only way to experience this type of journey is on two wheels with the wind on your face.


With Mayan Crossroads, we savor the journey and we choose the pace of our tours accordingly. Most often 40 to 50 mph is the ideal speed to best enjoy and remember the spectacular Guatemalan countryside, while also providing a perfect balance between driving pleasure and safety.

Frequent stops keep our tour groups together and leave sufficient time for snapping photos. Most often we ride our Enfields on well-paved and winding country roads off the beaten track. Occasionally, however, we do have to connect the “dream” stretches with short runs on busier highways. Our final destinations for the day are chosen so that we reach them after four to six hours in the saddle, leaving plenty of time for relaxation and sightseeing in the afternoon.



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