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The combined Lake Atitlan and Volcano Tour is designed for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to experience Guatemala in a nutshell.

Lake Atitlan is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It's a stunning natural wonder that has enchanted travelers from all over the globe for centuries.

Surrounded by three towering volcanoes, the shores of Lake Atitlan are home to about a dozen Maya villages that preserve and practice their ancient traditions despite modern influences.

Day 1

We start at 7:30am. Our tour takes us through Parramos to the famous Panamerican Highway and from there to the Mayan village of Patzun. The ride continues between fir forests and pastures before we take the beautifully winding road off the beaten track to Lake Atitlan. The views from overlooks along the way are breath-taking and there will be enough opportunities to take photos and videos.

Curve after curve, you'll arrive to Panajachel in the early afternoon. Pana, as locals call it, is a famous hippie stronghold of the seventies and eighties, on the shore of Lake Atitlan. This is where you'll spend the rest of the day exploring the famous handicraft market, sipping some tasty local coffee or simply chilling out at the Sunset Café doing what the name suggests with a cold beer in your hand. It doesn't get much better than that, trust us.

Day 2

The next morning you'll be descending through coffee country to the tropical coastal highway in Cocales. Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa is where the Volcano Tour starts, the icing on the cake. Temperatures get cooler as you chase the curves along the foothills of Acatenango volcano on the road road to San Pedro Yepocapa and Parramos. Fresh tarmac, no traffic and endless twisties. Nirvana for every motorcycle aficionado. The 2-day joy ride ends in Antigua in the early afternoon.

Who is the Lake Atitlan Tour for?

We recommend the Lake Atitlan Tour for intermediate to advanced riders with or without a passenger.

Who is the Lake Atitlan tour not for?

Inexperienced riders may feel uncomfortable on certain stretches with bad pavement. Adrenaline junkies will find the Royal Enfield is too much Zen and not the racer they were hoping for.


Day 1:

The combined Pacific Tour and Volcano Tour is designed for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to experience Guatemala from its tropical side. The first section of this 300 km trip will take you from Antigua's 4500 ft down to Escuintla at nearly sea level.

In Escuintla you'll point your Royal Enfield East on highway CA2. Most of this scenic route is bordered by a lush vegetation and huge trees. Straight sections follow gentle curves and it never gets boring. The constantly changing scenery of sugar cane and corn fields, banana and palm trees provides plenty of variation.

The road ends in La Avellana, where you board the "ferry" to the picturesque fishing village of Monterrico. Truth be told, “raft” describes it more appropriately, which ads an adventurous element to our trip. The thirty minute crossing of the mangrove forest of the Canal de Chiquimulilla is one of the highlights of this tour. In Monterrico, you'll have the opportunity to watch pelicans gliding over the waves of the ocean, while enjoying a delicious lunch in a cozy beach side restaurant.

This is where you'll spend the rest of the day enjoying the laid back tropical vibe of the Pacific Coast.

Day 2:

The joy ride continues the next morning. After a hearty breakfast you'll ride your Enfield along the coastline amidst palm trees to Puerto San José. Gradually, you'll see the volcanoes appear on the horizon again as you head north on the old Masagua road. At this point, Antigua is only 25 kilometers away but closing the loop now would mean missing out on another hilight of this fantastic trip.

You'll take a detour to Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa. This is where the Volcano Tour begins, three hours of pure fun on a perfectly paved and curvy road, where traffic is notable only by its absence. Motorcycle heaven.

Who is this tour for?

The Pacific Tour is not demanding in the technical sense and we recommend it for every type of rider, beginner and experienced alike. We will be covering roughly 230 km (140 miles), this means approximately 6 highly enjoyable hours in the saddle of the 500cc Royal Enfield. If comfortably cruising on a classic motorcycle is your thing you will love this tour. As an added bonus you will experience Guatemala from a perspective the average tourist will never even know about.

As for passengers, the rear seat of the Royal Enfield offers enough comfort for a pleasant ride, even on an extended tour. And there will be plenty of time to relax during our lunch break.

Who is it not for?

Crotch rocket junkies and knee draggers may not get the expected adrenaline rush from this tour ;)



The Down Under / Over the Hill Tour combines the Volcano and the Antigua half-day tours. It was first requested by Lesleyanne and Andrew visiting from Brisbane, Australia, hence the first part of the name. "Down Under" also refers to the easy morning ride from Antigua's 1500 m elevation to the coastal highway at nearly sea level. The rest of the tour is "Over the Hill", first along the foothills of volcano Acatenango and then on the surrounding hills of Antigua.


The route around the volcanoes Acatenango and Fuego is no doubt one of the most scenic ones in Guatemala. If you want to experience the incredible climatic and natural diversity of this country, this five hour tour is for you.

The first part is a gentle descent from Antigua to the tropical climate of the Pacific coast. Palm trees, colorful exotic plants and people in shorts and flip-flops gradually dominate the scenery.

After a refreshing fruit shake in Siquinalá there’s only one direction: Up. The air gets fresher and traffic disappears with every mile on the perfect pavement of the twisty road to San Pedro Yepocapa. Canyon carving at its best. Before you know it, Acatenango is right there, so close that you can almost touch this dormant giant.

This is Royal Enfield territory. Now it's just you, nature and the deep sound of the Classic 500. The view at 6500 ft is spectacular and on a clear day you can even see the volcanoes of Lake Atitlan in the distance.


After lunch, the second part of our tour will take you to San Antonio Aguas Calientes and Pastores on rollercoaster-like Ruta Nacional 14. The first village is famous for its Mayan weaver cooperative and the latter for the artisanal manufacturing of leather goods.

A coffee break at Finca Filadelfia will sharpen your senses before you head to Antigua’s surrounding hills. Sweeping views of the Panchoy Valley with the volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango towering in the background make this ride a truly unforgettable one.




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